Welcome to My Yosemite Page! Enjoy!

What’s With Yosemite?

My infatuation with Yosemite is pretty simple. Having been to each state in the US (minus Alaska) and over fifty countries, for me, personally, I have never been in a spot so peaceful, so gorgeous, so full of wonder and amazement on earth. Having been in the Taj Mahal and around the Pyramids, having been deep in the Amazon jungle and in the Peruvian lost city called Machu Picchu, Yosemite provides the most incredible experience of nature. While too many people in the park is an issue, after so many years of being there I am still learning of new places throuought the park. Its a never-ending educational experience of the fun kind! The high Sierra… now, when I go off season to Tuolumne or in the back country… that is like, for me, being in heaven. So amazing. If you have never experienced Yosemite, I hope you can experience it soon!

Trip reports

Aug 2021 Partial High Sierra Loop